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Financial accounting is the process of recording, summarizing and reporting a company’s business transactions through financial statements. These statements are: the income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement and the statement of retained earnings.


Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It studies how individuals, businesses, governments, and nations make choices about how to allocate resources.


Trading is essentially the exchange of goods and services between two entities. It is the basic principle which forms the core of all economic societies and financial activities.

The abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts ( pure mathematics ), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering ( applied mathematics ).
“a taste for mathematics”

Cost accountants are often entry-level positions for accounting management. With professional experience and education, cost accountants may advance to becoming budget directors, internal auditing,managers, accounting managers, and eventually controllers, treasurers, or chief financial officers


An investment bank is a financial services company or corporate division that engages in advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals, corporations, and governments.


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Free Classes

Our Level-1 course is 100% free. You can start the course without any payment. if feel comfortable you can upgrade the course for the next level.

Online Classes

Our courses are based on online vide classes. All the new updates are automatically update in your selected course.


Our online classes provide 100% flexibility of timing to the student . Attend our online video classes 24*7 as per your convince.

USB Classes

WE are providing our some classes on demand in USB drive. You can watch these classes without Internet in HD quality.

Student's Evaluation

Submission of class report is mandatory to all students. We are checking and analyzing these reports everyday to guide the students.


It is a certification course. We are also providing certificate to the students after successful cpmplition of the course.

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