What you’ll learn What cryptocurrencies are How to use cryptocurrencies What blockchain is The components blockchain consists of Blockchain use cases Finance skills What Bitcoin is What Ethereum is Alternative cryptocurrencies “Introduction What Is Blockchain?  Centralised vs Decentralised vs Distributed Systems  Is Blockchain Truly Decentralised and Distributed?  Structure of a Block  What Is a Hash?  What Are Merkle Trees?  What Is a Ledger?  History of Blockchain  Why Use Blockchain?  What Are Cryptocurrencies?  What Is Cryptography?  “Bitcoin What Is Bitcoin?  Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Fiat Currency  What Is Bitcoin Mining?  What Are Mining Pools/Farms?  What Is A Bitcoin Wallet?  What Is A Bitcoin Exchange?  How Is The Price of Bitcoin Determined?  How To Use Bitcoin?  What Is Bitcoin Cash and How Does It Differ To Bitcoin?  What Is SegWit2x?  Soft Fork vs Hard Fork  “Ethereum What Is Ethereum & How Does It Differ To Bitcoin?  Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Bitcoin  Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic  “Ripple What Is Ripple & How Does It Differ To Bitcoin?  Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Bitcoin  “Other Popular Cryptocurrencies Litecoin  Dash  Monero  Why Should I Just Not Use Bitcoin?  “Law and Regulation Monetary Policy  Tax Regulations  Illegal Activities  Electronic Fund Transfer Act  “Other Uses of Blockchain Education  Retail  Health Industry  Business  Governance  Last Will and Testament  Blood Diamonds  Housing  Proof of Ownership/Identity  Data Storage  “Advanced ICO (Initial Coin Offering)  2007/2008 Crisis  Cypherpunks  History of FIAT Currency  DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations)  “Updates 27th December 2017 – Bitcoin Update  9th January 2018 – Ripple Update  “Cryptocurrency Exchanges Coinbase  Bittrex  LocalBitcoins  CEX.IO  Bitstamp  Bitfinex  EtherDelta  Cryptopia  YObit  GDAX  Kraken  Changelly  Blockchain.info  Gemini  Coinify  +Cryptocurrency Wallets [DESKTOP] ArcBit  [DESKTOP] BitcoinCore  [DESKTOP] Bitcoin Knots  [DESKTOP] BitGo  [DESKTOP] Electrum  [DESKTOP] Green Address  [DESKTOP] mSIGNA  [DESKTOP] Armory  [DESKTOP] Bither  [HARDWARE] Ledger Nano S  [HARDWARE] Trezor  [HARDWARE] Digital Bitbox  [HARDWARE] KeepKey  [MOBILE] Bitcoin Wallet  [MOBILE] Bither  [MOBILE] Breadwallet  [MOBILE] Coin.Space  [MOBILE] Electrum  [MOBILE] Green Address  [MOBILE] GreenBits  [MOBILE] Mycelium  [MOBILE] Airbitz  [MOBILE] ArcBit  [MOBILE] SimpleBitcoin  [WEB] BitGo  [WEB] Coinapult  [WEB] Coin.Space  [WEB] Green Address  +Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms ETORO  AVATRADE  IG INDEX  Plus500  +Cryptocurrency Statistical and Tracking Platforms Coin Dance  BitInfoCharts  coindesk  statista  Bitcoin Ticker  Blockonomics  CoinTracking  CoinMarketCap  Cryptocurrency Price Predictions  Bitcoin Volatility