What you’ll learn Learn Complete Efficiency Ratios Learn Complete Profitability Ratios How Companies are Valued by Financial analyst Learn Complete Liquidity Ratios Learn Complete Valuation Ratios Understand the thinking behind financial ratios Learn Complete Leveraging Ratios “Introduction to Financial Ratios Promotional Lecture on Financial Ratios Introduction to Financial Ratios  What is Financial Ratio?  Types of Financial Ratios  Data for Financial Ratio  “Financial Statement Analysis Balance Sheet  Assets & Liabilities  Statement of Cash Flows  Statements of Stock Holders Equity  Statements of Operations  Different Abbreviations  “Profitability ratios (Financial Ratios) Gross Profit Margin  Gross Profit Margin can be calculated as?  Operating Profit Margin  Profit Margin  ROA Return on Assets  ROC Return on Capital  ROE Return on Equity  Q&A RONA Return on Assets  ROCE Return on Capital Employed  CFROI Cash flow return on Investment  Net Gearing Ratio  Basic Earning Power Ratio  Risk Adjusted Return on Capital for Banks  Efficiency Ratio  “Liquidity ratios (Financial Ratios) Liquidity Ratio Overview  Working Capital Ratio  Quick Ratio  Operating Cash Flow Ratio  “Efficiency Ratios (Financial Ratios) Efficiency Ratio Overview  Debtor Collection Period Ratio  Degree of Operating Leverage DOL Ratio  Days Sales Outstanding DSO Ratio  Asset Turnover Ratio  Inventory Turnover Ratio  Receivable Turnover Ratio  Other Good Inventory Ratios  Cash Conversion Cycle  “Leveraging ratios (Financial Ratios) Debt Ratio Leveraging Ratio  Debt Ratio  Debt Equity Ratio  Calculate Apple’s Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly)  Times Interest Earned  Debt Service Coverage Ratio  “Valuation ratios (Financial Ratios) Market Ratio Overview  Earning Per Share EPS  Dividend Payout Ratio  Dividend Cover  Price to Earning Ratio  Dividend Yield  Cash Flow Ratio  Price to Book Ratio  Price“sales ratio  PEG Ratio  “Bonus Lectures Have you Completed Homework1?  Disclaimer THANK YOU AND WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW Bonus Lecture: Unbelievable Discounted Courses – Limited Time Offer