What you’ll learn  Learn how to create Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel  Create PivotCharts to let your data speak  Get to know many tips & tricks around Pivot Tables  Create a reporting dashboard to perform data analysis Test your skills by analyzing a data set and answering several questions (including solution guide)  Performing data cleanups “Introduction What to expect from this course  Download Course Summary  What is a pivot table?  “My first Pivot Table Introduction: My first Pivot Table  Download work file  Data Requirements  Data Cleanup  Create Pivot Table  First simple analyses  Perform Analyses  Basic Formatting  Download edited work file  “Menus and Options of a Pivot Table Find your way  Download work file  The PivotTable Anaylze Tab  The Design Tab  Grouping Data  Slicers and Timelines  Create PivotCharts  Customize Field List View  Context Menu  Show Values As  PivotTable Options  Download edited work file  “Calculated Fields and Items Understanding Fields and items  Download work file  Calculated Fields  Calculated Items  Pitfalls  Download edited work file  “Dashboards with Pivot Tables What is a dashboard?  Download work file  Define Requirements  Implement Requirements  Insert Slicers  Finetuning  Working with the Dashboard  Download finished dashboard  “Pivot Table Excercise Test your skills  Download Excercise file  Solution Guide  What’s your result? “Tips and Tricks Manage Raw data  Download work file  Recommended Pivot Tables  Double Click on Cell values  Advanced Filtering  Timelines  Data Clean-up: Converting Text  Conditional Formatting  Manage Calculated Fields and Items  Optimize File Size  Create independent PivotTables  Automatic Date Grouping  Download edited work file  Thank You!