What you’ll learn Make games with Python. Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5. Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend. Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots. “Module 1 – Getting Our Forex Feet Wet Introduction  What is FOREX?  Learning to Trade FOREX Leverage and Pips  Bid/Ask and Base/Quote  Different Platforms  Wrap Up “Module 2 – Charts, Candlesticks, and Currency Pairs  Introduction to Charts and Candlesticks  Understanding Your Chart  Currency Pairs  “Commodity” Pairs Minor Currency Pairs Basic Trading Principles (Review)  Placing Our First Trade! “Module 3 – Economic Indicators  Consumer Spending Indicator  Income Report Indicator  Industrial Indicators  CPI and Inflation Indicators  Non-Farm Payroll Indicator  GDP Indicator BOP and BOT Indicators “Module 4 – The Fun Begins! Learning Technical Indicators and Application  Introduction to Technical Indicators And Analysis  Moving Fast with Moving Averages  MA Variation: EMA  MA Variation: LWMA  Powerful MA Combos  Bollinger Band Trading  Eat up profits (in a good way!) with the Alligator Indicator  Ups and Downs with the Aroon Indicator  Welcome to the Jungle – The Ichimoku Cloud  Flex on your trades with the Relative Strength Index  The Stochastic Indicator roller coaster ride!  Learn some theory with the Elliot Wave Theory (Oscillator)  Helpful trading combos I’ve used before  Using Indicators in your Trading Platform “Module 5 – Time to Get Serious! Putting Everything Together  Disciple Yourself By Using Stops and Limits Types Of Currency Trading  Basics Of Trading Signals  Track Your Trades!  The End…But Just The Beginning Of FOREX Trading!