What you’ll learn All successful traders have specific know-how and our course has been designed to incapsulate these important topics Forex terminology How to choose a broker How to read quotes and charts Order types and how they can be used in forex trading Introduction to technical analysis Common price indicators “Introduction Introduction to the course  “Forex 101 Introduction to Forex  What is Forex?  Forex History  What is Traded?  Reading FX Quote  Bid and Ask  What is a pip?  Lots  Leverage  How to Make Money from Trading Forex  How traders make money Trading Sessions  Market Participants  “Charts Section 3 – Content  Introduction to Chart Types  Chart Types Line Chart  Bar Chart  Candlestick Chart  Charts “Order Types Section 4 – Content  Market Orders  Order At Market  Pending Orders  Protective Orders  “Forex Brokers Introduction to Forex Brokers  Broker Types  How to Choose?  “Types of Forex Analysis Introduction to Forex Analysis  Forex Analysis “Technical Analysis Introduction to Technical Analysis  Support and Resistance  Trend Lines  Channels  Trading Support and Resitance  Pivot Points  Fibonacci Levels  Moving Averages  “Until next time