What you’ll learn Make games with Python. Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5. Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend. Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots. “Understanding Your Goals Course Outline Defining: Dashboards, Reports and Switchboards Properties of a Good Dashboard Steps to create Dashboards = Flow of this course “Understanding the Platform – Microsoft Excel Intro to the section Tangible and Intangible Features All Tabs Overview Excel Options: Adding Developer Tab Formula Bar Name Box Status Bar Types of Shortcuts Custom Lists and Fill handle Dragging. Creating your own Custom Lists “Understanding Your Data Section Intro Case Study Intro Data Makeup – Number Formats “Sort & Filter Intro to Section Explaining: Sort & Filter “Data Cleaning Introduction to section Introduction to Case Study “Formulas & Functions Introduction to Excel Functions “Data Preparation What is Data Preparation? “Data Preparation(Date Functions) Explanation & Case Study intro Why? (Connecting back to the Theory) “Data Preparation(Logical Functions) Explanation & Case Study Intro “Data Preparation(Text Functions) Introduction +Data Preparation(Lookup & Reference Functions) Introduction Decision Matrix and Case Study Intro +Data Summary Introduction Introduction to Case Study Basic Aggregate Functions Named Ranges Conditional Aggregate Functions (COUNTIF) Conditional Aggregate Functions (Using Wildcards) Multi-Condition Aggregate Function (COUNTIFS, SUMIFS) Conclusion +Data Presentation (Dashboard) Introduction Creating Charts Dashboard Recap Controls Check boxes Formatting Controls +Data Summary (Pivot Table) Introduction to Section and Case Study +Dashboard (Pivot Table) Introduction Calculating Summary Reports Incorporating Charts Creating Controls using Slicers Formatting Slicers +Time Savers Intro To Section Carbon Concept INDIRECT Function OFFSET Function Link Excel Charts to PPT Dynamically – Without getting them blurry +Bonus Section