What you’ll learn You will learn all you need to know to go from a beginner with the new Excel 2019 and Excel 365 to a certified professional. Not only will this course get you up to speed on the most common features and functions of the most poplar spreadsheet program on the market, it will also prepare you to take and pass the 77-727 Microsoft Excel Certification exam How to create and manage worksheets and workbooks How to manage data cells and ranges How to create and customize tables How to perform operations with formulas and functions How to create charts and objects Learn from a Professional Training and Course Developer that has done work for the DEA, FBI, oil and gas companies and many more. “Welcome To Excel Introduction and Unit Objectives  Welcome To The New Excel  The Excel Interface  The Excel Menu System  The Quick Access Toolbar, Your New Friend  Files, Workbooks, and Worksheets  “Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks Introduction and Unit Objectives  Creating, Saving and Opening A Workbook  Workbook Properties  Creating Worksheets  Moving, Hiding, and Deleting Worksheets  Formatting Worksheets  Adding, Removing, Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns  Changing Your Views  “Create Cells and Ranges Introduction and Unit Objectives  Data Entry  Cut, Copy, Paste and Move  Merging Cells  Fonts  Format Cells  Find, Select, & Lookup  “Formulas and Functions Introduction and Unit Objectives  Naming Cells and Ranges  Cell References  Simple Formulas  Introduction To Functions  Basic Functions  Using Functions To Format  “Conditional Formulas Introduction and Unit Objectives  IF  Shipping Lab  Nesting IFs  SUMIF  They Stole What Lab  AVERAGEIF  COUNTIF  “Your Best Table Please Introduction and Unit Objectives  Making Tables  Adding and Removing Columns and Rows  Table Styles and Options  The Total Row  Filter and Sort A Table  Remove Duplicates  “Charts and Art Introduction and Unit Objectives  Create A New Chart  Tweaking Your Chart  Resizing and Moving Your Chart  Change Chart Titles  Elements, Layouts, and Styles  Insert and Format Objects  “Summarize and Organize Data Introduction and Unit Objectives  Creating and Formatting Sparkline  Outlining and Grouping Data  Using Subtotals  Conditional Formatting Revisited  “Printing Introduction and Unit Objectives  Page Setup Revisited  Configuring a Print Area  Give Me A Page Break  Print Scaling  Repeating Rows and Columns, Repeating Rows and Columns, Repeating …..  Mastering Excel’s Headers and Footers  Printing It All Out, or Just a Page  Thank You and Good Bye