CHAPTER 1: Introduction 

  • Definition of banks,
  • Evolution of Commercial Banks in India,
  • Functions of Commercial Banks,
  • Competitive Landscape of Banks in India

CHAPTER: 2 Banking Structure in India 

  • Banking Structure in India,
  • Role of RBI vis–vis other commercial banks

CHAPTER 3: Bank Deposit Accounts 

  • Introduction to Bank Deposits,
  • Types of Deposit Accounts,
  • Strategies of mobilizing deposits,
  • Common guidelines of opening and operating accounts,
  • Deposit of related services,
  • Deposit services offered to Non-Resident Indians,
  • Deposit Insurance

CHAPTER 4: Basics of Bank Lending 

  • Principles of Lending and Loan Policy,
  • Basics of Loan Appraisal,
  • Credit decision-making and Review,
  • Types of Advances,
  • Management of Non Performing Assets

CHAPTER 5: Bank Investments 

  • Investment Policy
  • Statutory Reserve Requirements,
  • Non-SLR Requirement,
  • Banks Investment
  • Classification and Valuation Norms

CHAPTER 6: Other Activities of Commercial Banks 

  • Other Basic Banking Activities,
  • Para-banking Activities

CHAPTER 7: Relationship between Banks and Customer 

  • Strategy for expanding customer base,
  • services to different customer groups,
  • competition among banks for customers
  • customers relationship management,
  • Banking Ombudsman Scheme,
  • Know Your Customer(KYC) norms Evolving Trends in Modern Banking Technology,
  • Outsourcing of Non-core Activities,
  • Financial Inclusion