I. Concept and Role of a Mutual Fund

  • Concept of a mutual fund
  • Advantages and limitations of mutual fund
  • List different types of funds

II. Fund Structure and Constituents 

  • Legal structure of mutual funds in India
  • Role of Trustee, Sponsor and AMC
  • Other Service Providers and their functions

III. Legal and Regulatory Environment

  • Role of the regulators in Mutual Fund Industry
  • Know the salient features of the AMFI Code of Ethics and AMFI Guidelines & Norms for Intermediaries (AGNI)
  • Know the Investor rights and obligations

IV. Offer Document

  • Know the process of New Fund Offer (NFO)
  • Know the Investment Objective, Investment Policy and Investment Strategy
  • Know the regulatory aspects of an offer document
  • Know the salient features of Scheme Information Document (SID), Statement of Additional Information (SAI) and Key Information Memorandum (KIM)

V. Fund Distribution and Sales Practices

  • Know the various distribution channels for mutual funds
  • Know the pre-requisites for becoming a mutual fund distributor
  • Know the elements covered in an agreement between a distributor and a mutual fund
  • Know the sales practices and commission structure

VI. Mutual Fund Products

  • Product features of diversified equity schemes, fixed maturity plans and index schemes
  • Features of SEBI regulations on Risk disclosures and Return presentations
  • Fact sheet and their uses

VII. Investor Services

  • Know the process of purchase transactions
  • Know the processes of redemptions by investors
  • Know the processes relating to systematic investment plans
  • Know the processing relating to systematic withdrawals and transfers
  • Know the other investor services and facilities offered by mutual funds.
  • Know the contents and periodicity of Statement of account to the investor
  • Explain the process for Nomination and Pledge
  • Know the service standards mandated for a mutual fund towards its investors 

VIII. Selecting the Right Investment products for Investors 

  • Analyzing needs and profile of the client
  • Identifying the ideal Mutual Fund product for investors

IX. Helping Investors with Financial Planning

  • Need for Financial Planning
  • Role of different asset classes and allocation
  • Basics steps of financial planning