What you’ll learn Make games with Python. Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5. Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend. Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots. “Introduction Risk Disclaimer Software Update  You are Important Exercise: Introduce Yourself to the Class “The Covered Call Why You Must Learn Covered Calls  Mutual Fund Managers are Destroying Your Retirement Account  “Lowering Cost Basis” Explained  Option Basics Recap  Using Our Rules to Setup a Covered Call  Lowering Cost Basis with Stock  The Golden 3 Criteria Used to Create the Covered Call  The Golden 3 Criteria Explained  Options: Let’s get on the same page Let’s Start Trading “Understand Options Completely What is an Option?  Kinds of Options: Calls  Kinds of Options: Puts  “Buying Options vs Selling Options Call Options: Buying vs. Selling  Put Options: Buying vs. Selling  “Selling Options for Monthly Income What is a Short Put? Short Puts Visual Illustration  When do I use Short Puts?  Caution: The Risk of Assignment  Danger: Selling Puts on High Priced Stocks  Trading Checklist: Selling Puts  Trading Rule#1 – Duration over Direction  Trading Rule#2: Volatility (Explained & illustrated)  Trading Checklist: Trading Platform Illustration  Define your Risk “Verticals: Call and Put Options What is a Vertical?  Shorting or Selling Call Verticals  Visual Illustration of Short Call Verticals  Deeper Look into How Short Call Verticals Work  How Profits and Losses Work when Selling Verticals  Selling Naked Call Options Compared to Selling Call Verticals  “Shorting” or Selling Put Verticals  Visual Illustration of Short Put Verticals  Selling Naked Puts Compared to Selling Put Verticals  Next Stop… Iron Condors “Iron Condor: The “Bread & Butter” Strategy What is an Iron Condor  “Bread & Butter” Iron Condor Rules, POPs and Visuals  Trade Page Setup Illustration  Trade Page Profit/Loss, POP & Managing Winners Explained  Breakeven Price Explained  Live Trading Platform Setup  Managing Winning Trades  Keys to Long Term Success in Option Trading “Making Profitable Option Trades What is Fundamental Analysis  What is Technical Analysis  What are the Greeks  Making a Trade: The Checklist  Step 1: How to Create a List of Tradable Stocks Step 2a: Checking Liquidity  Step 2b: Checking Liquidity Continued  Step 3a: Watch List Creation  Step 3b: Checking for Earnings  Step 4: Checking Implied Volatility  Step 5: Think like Warren Buffet  Making a Trade: Recap of Five Steps  “Conclusion BONUS – Follow Up Courses