What you’ll learn Practical knowledge from an actual successful fundamental analysis investor How do you spot trends to forecast the company™s future Financial statement analysis of the 3 financial statements Warning signs in the financial statements Financial statement common size analysis technique Ratio analysis Essential Company Check points What is core and non core earnings? How do you determine if earnings are repeatable? How management can manipulate earnings The truth about acquisitions “First things “Introduction Introduction and Lesson plan “Definition of Financial statement analysis Purpose of financial statement analysis Predicting the future with financial analysis Financial statement analysis procedure “Profit and loss statement analysis Introduction to Profit and loss statement analysis Basic Checkpoint – Core business earnings Basic Checkpoint – Core business earnings, Example, Cordlife Basic Checkpoint “ Repeatability of earnings Basic Checkpoint “ Repeatability of earnings, Example, Hershey Basic Checkpoint “ Management judgement Basic Checkpoint “ Management judgement, Reserves Basic Checkpoint “ Management judgement, Acquisition Basic Checkpoint “ Cash conversion Basic Checkpoint “ Cash conversion, Example, Green Brick Common size analysis – Introduction Common size analysis – Demonstration Common size analysis “ What to look out for Common size analysis, Example, Micron Getting free data for ratio analysis Ratio Analysis Consolidate “Balance sheet Analysis Introduction to Balance sheet Analysis Basic Checkpoint “ Fair valuation Basic Checkpoint “ Subjective assets and liabilities Basic Checkpoint “ Maturity matching Basic Checkpoint – Liquidity Common size analysis Common size analysis – Demonstration Common size analysis, Example, GulfMark Ratio Analysis Consolidate “Cash flow Analysis Introduction to cash flow analysis Basic Check points “ Core business cash flow Basic Check points “ Repeatability of cash flow Basic Check points “ Adjustments Ratio Analysis Consolidate “Summary Summary and conclusion