What you’ll learn You will have a strong understanding about what Blockchain is Able to understand how Blockchain is being used in various sectors of the industries Know the step wise process which is required for designing a Blockchain solution Learn about various types of Consensus Mechanisms Understand the Blockchain Architecture Learn about where we can utilize Blockchain with the help of the potential Use Cases Learn about the limitations of Blockchain Know about the difference between Blockchain, DAG and Hashgraphs Get the exposure on how you can employ Blockchain in your current legacy systems Get the in-depth knowledge about the key concepts of Blockchain Learn about various blockchain solutions like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Cords, Quorum, Multichain and EOS Understand Blockchain smart contracts Smart contract use cases and smart contract applications in order to explain how they are being used in the real world scenarios “Introduction to Blockchain What is Blockchain?  Real World Analogy for Blockchain  Peek Inside Blockchain  Getting Started: Instant Support  History of Blockchain  Learning about Blockchain  “Working of Blockchain How Blockchain works?  Wallets, Digital Signatures and Protocols  Working with the Blockchain  “Blockchain vs Traditional Technologies Benefits of Blockchain over Traditional Technologies  Bitcoin vs Blockchain  Difference with the Traditional Technologies  “Key Concepts of Blockchain Private Keys, Public Keys and Addresses  Transactions, Merkle Trees and Blocks  Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets, Mnemonic Seeds and Smart Contracts  Clearing the concepts related to Blockchain  “Working of a Blockchain Transaction How a Blockchain Transaction works?  “Consensus Mechanism Problem Statement  Solution: Byzantine Fault Tolerance  How Byzantine Fault Tolerance Relates to Blockchain?  Longest Chain Rule  Understanding Consensus Mechanism  “Different types of Consensus Algorithms Proof of Work  Proof of Stake  Delegated Proof of Stake  Proof of Authority  Proof of Weight  Learning Different types of Consensus Algorithm  “Blockchain Architecture Types of Blockchain  Understanding Blockchain Architecture  Learning to work with Blockchain Architecture  “Forming your own Blockchain Solution Identify the Use Case  Design Integration  Identify the Consensus Mechanism  Identify the Platform  Design the Architecture  Design the Blockchain Instance  Build the Application Programming Interface  Build the Applications and Future Prospects  Understanding Blockchain Solutions  “Blockchain Technology Stack and Ecosystem Blockchain Technology Stack  Building an Ecosystem around Blockchain  Understanding Blockchain Technology Stack and Ecosystem  +Top Blockchain Solutions Bitcoin  Ethereum  Neo  Hyperledger  EOS  Corda  Quorum  Multichain  Understanding Different Blockchain Solutions  +Blockchain in Industries Why do Industries need to adopt Blockchain?  Industry Challenges with Blockchain  Understanding Blockchain in Industries  +Various types of attacks over Blockchain Attacks over Blockchain  Understanding various types of attacks over Blockchain  +Blockchain taking over the world How Blockchain is taking over the world?  +Blockchain Use Cases in Finance Loans and Mortgages  Cross Border Payments  Stock Trading  Identity Management  +Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare Health Records  Drug Traceability  Clinical Trials  Healthcare Billing  +Bonus: Blockchain Use Cases in Media and Entertainment Digital Piracy  Content Crowdfunding  Digital Advertisements  Royalty Payments  +Bonus: Blockchain Use Cases in Real Estate Property Rental  Title Records  Property Regulations  Real Estate Liquidity  +Blockchain Use Case Assignment Blockchain in Healthcare: Case Study  +Future Scope Current Research  Potential Future Applications  +Conclusion and Summary Conclusion and Summary  Bonus Lecture: Learn More with Blockchain